Web Hosting

There is nothing more important to the online success to a website than its web hosting services and configuration.

There are three types of web hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server a.k.a. VPS
  • Dedicated Server

Shared hosting means your website is shared on a single server with multiple websites, hundreds, maybe thousands. Many websites sharing a single IP address. If one of the shared websites gets blacklisted, then your website is damaged.

VPS is more exclusive and protects your data and access to your data, but it shares a server than is partitioned with others sites. Better than shared, but not the perfect solution, just better.

Dedicated server means your website has a dedicated IP address and your website is the only website that is served from that server. Best solution, better load times and better security, assuming your developer properly secures your website.

We offer all three solutions. The best things about it is that we own our own data center in the St. Louis area. We control our servers, IP addresses and access to all of the referenced access points.

We operate high-speed Dell servers with high-speed ATT bandwidth and have integrated our network using a CDN for best load times regardless who visit from any part of the world.

For the best web hosing, call us today.


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