September 28, 2018

Web Design Tips

Web Design Tips

Web Design Tips to help educate you and hopefully help you build a search engine friendly website that ranks high in search results

Web Design Tips – not all website are designed equally!

The platform used to create a website has a significant impact on search rankings.

The hosting you choose has a significant impact on search rankings.

The content you publish on your website has a significant impact on search rankings.

Most important factors for websites:

  1. Hosting – must be fast and properly configured
  2. Platform – website builders do not rank well – the most successful and flexible platform is WordPress
  3. Content – must have sufficient content, using the proper words and phrases, to inform the search engine about your products and/or services so they can properly index your website
  4. Pictures – excessive pictures will damage your rankings
  5. Code – your WordPress theme must be light with code and easy for the search engine bots to crawl
  6. Indexing – each website has be properly indexed in the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex

We strongly recommend the following:

  1. Hosting – shared hosting is bad – VPS hosting is better – hosting on a dedicated server is BEST
  2. Platform – use the WordPress CMS with a WordPress support theme, not a third party theme because they are heavy in code that is typically not WC3 Validated and not supported by WordPress.
  3. Content – Google popularized the phrase “content is king!“.  Content is necessary for the search engines to index your website.  If you do not have content or uninformative content, the search engines cannot properly index your website.
  4. Picture – be sure your web designer uses licensed pictures or you can be sued for copyright violations.  It is common for web designers to pull images from Google.  BAD!  If it is copyrighted, there are firms that monitor their online images for violations only to file lawsuits.
  5. Indexing – SEO services is NOT always necessary.  If your business in properly indexed in maps and your website “properly” indexed in search engines, you might have sufficient visibility.

Important facts that we have discovered:

  1. Indexing – search engines are indexed much like a filing cabinet.  Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex must crawl your website in order to know who you are, where you are located and what your offer.  If they can’t determine this information, how can they show you in search results?  Or, if the search engines do not know that you launched a website, how are they suppose to know to show your website at all?  Properly indexing a indexing any website is critical!  Must be indexed in Google, Bing and Yandex.
  2. Hosting – shared hosting is typically slow because one web server will host hundreds of website making the processes slow.  Additionally, you risk a bad website that gets blacklisted affecting you because you share IP addresses.  Dedicated servers are best to assure that you protect your online reputation.
  3. Hosting – fast hosting services is critical.  It is one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor, to high ranking website.  If high rankings is important, you will spend more money for hosting to assure your protect your load speed and online reputation.  Read bullet number 2.  A website has a need for speed!  No high ranking websites are hosted on shared servers for $14.95 per month.  Successful websites with high rankings will be on VPS or dedicated servers.  Host on a dedicated server for high search engine rankings.
  4. Platform CMS – we recommend using custom build coded sites or WordPress.  Website builders will not rank well for a couple of reasons (1) most website builders are created using proprietary coding that does not meet industry standards or even worse, search engines may not be able to read the code (2) most website builders do not provide a sitemap (3) website builders are not typically configured for easy search engine crawls in order to properly index the website.
  5. Indexing – we keep referring to indexing.  What does indexing mean?  Search engines index websites.  If you are a restaurant and the word “restaurant” is not on your website, how are they suppose to index your website as a “restaurant”?  The search engines must be able to crawl and index your website.  Most importantly, if they can crawl the website, they need to see good content so they can properly index your website.  Google (and other search engines) is a large database, much like a large filing cabinet.  If you file a document in the wrong file, you will not be able to find that document if it is not properly filed where it should be filed.  This is much more simple than people are led to believe.  Good hosting, using a good platform and good content are the most important factors to your website rankings.
  6. CDN – CDN is the acronym for Content Delivery Network.  We strongly recommend the use of a CDN.  Our CDN has more than 100 data centers located around the world.  When a visitor visits your website, the network determines their locations and serves your website pages from the CDN data center closest to the visitors location for the fastest load times.  Additionally, they offer enhanced security.  We recommend the use of dedicated servers accompanied with CDN to assure the fastest load times which will increase our website search engine rankings.
  7. Website Budget – if you want a high ranking website to help market your business, you will NOT accomplish that using a cheap web designer, website builders or cheap hosting.  High ranking websites take time and use of the best technology.  In other words, it takes money to fund a high ranking website.  If you limited your budget, you WILL NOT have a high ranking website.
  8. Maps – all search engines have maps.  Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps are all used by all search engines and online directories.  You must have your business indexed in maps in order to be found in local search results.  Get your business indexed in maps in order to be found in local search results.  This is most important for restaurants in order to be found in restaurants near me.
  9. Budget – spend money on good hosting, content and design.  A high ranking website will make your business money.  It will not cost money because the rewards of a properly built website will make you more money than it cost.  Websites are an “asset”, not a “liability”!

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