STL.News Announces Media Partner Opportunities

STL.News Announces Media Partner Opportunities

ST LOUIS, MO – our affiliate news site, STL.News has created a unique business opportunity call Media Partner.

Our media partner opportunities will purchase a license agreement to control the news in their state and given the opportunity to sell the advertising for that state category pages.

We provide the platform, STL.News, which is a high ranking news site.  Our content is shown on Google News, Bing News, and share to multiple social websites.  We publish licensed news stories by the Associated Press.  Additionally, we monitor every federal agency, every state department including Governor Offices, Attorneys General, Secretary of States, Highway Patrol, DNR, Department of Natural Resources, Members of each states House of Representatives and Senate and more.

We publish more than 200 news stories daily and have more than 10 million post views monthly making it easy to sell advertising across the country.

For more information visit our Media Partner Opportunities page on STL.News or call Marty at 417-529-1133.