September 26, 2018

St Louis SEO Services


St Louis SEO Services

St Louis SEO Services is offered by St. Louis Media, LLC

St Louis SEO Services are offered by St. Louis Media, LLC.  We are obsessed with SEO and high search engine rankings.

There is nothing more important to a local business than their online presence.  We are SEO Certified and own our own web hosting network to maintain enhanced control over our customers hosting, which has a dramatic impact on search engine rankings.

Commercial hosting services use shared hosting environments, which may be using a blacklisted IP address and not disclose that fact to their customers.  Your website being hosted on a blacklisted IP address will have significant impact on your search engine rankings.

How do we optimize local business for high search engine rankings in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex:

  • Revise/Optimize Website Content
  • Utilize Local Maps Listings
  • Back-links From High Domain Authority Websites
  • Press Releases using our proprietary news site,
  • Increase Website Domain Authority

Local SEO services is a hot topic because high search engine rankings is free.  However, many buy Google AdWords to achieve first page placement.  What most do not believe is that, if you have a bad website you will pay more for ad placement because your website will have a poor score, which increases you ad cost.  Google refers to it as “Quality Score”.

We own and operate our news site, STL.News for multiple reasons:

  • To help market our customers
  • To illustrate our hosting, design and SEO skills illustrated by more than 10 million page views per month
  • To provide press releases about our customers businesses that provide valuable back-links, which is critical to high search engine rankings

Furthermore, we offer other high domain authority news sites, and RSS.News.  Collectively, we aggregate and/or publisher more than 500,000 news stories annually.

We do not just sell SEO services, we aggressively practice SEO everyday as our news sites are promoted online utilizing the major search engines search results for traffic.  We do not spend any money to promote our news sites.  We learn more everyday by this marketing strategy.



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