September 26, 2018

Remote Computer Repair & Security

Remote Computer Repair & Security

Remote Computer Repair and Security services are offered by St. Louis based St. Louis Media, LLC

Our affiliate site, offer remote online computer/pc repair and security using state-of-the-art-technology products and services.

Yes, web design and remote computer repair!  We utilize many laptops, desktop PC as well as web servers.  Therefore, repair and security is a major concern to our staff as well.

Our process is simple:

  • We can login to your system using Team Viewer with your permission
  • We will scan your hardware to verify what the issue is
  • If your hardware is good, we will scan your system for malicious files, remove them and add a permanent security system that we can monitor remotely and help protect your system and privacy

While we can do this remotely, we can visit your location if you live in the St. Louis Metro area.  Call (314) 808-1870.


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