September 28, 2018

Kansas City SEO Services

Kansas City SEO Services

Kansas City SEO Services offered by St. Louis Media, LLC

Kansas City SEO Services – while we are located in St. Louis, Missouri, we love supporting business owners in our sister cities because it allows us to maintain a personal relationship.

Our SEO services a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization are designed to enhance a customer online visibility regardless of their location.  Therefore, we can support and optimize any business website to enhance online traffic.

There are many myths and scams in the SEO industry.  Caution is advised!  Read our “What is SEO?” page for more information.


Our SEO services are unique and proprietary in nature.  Our approach complies with the guidelines of the major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Not all websites quality for SEO services.  Depending on how a website is configured depends on the type of SEO Services needed to rank higher in search engine search results.

The primary reason for SEO services is attributed to poor website design.  We do offer Kansas City Web Design Services.

At some point, it might be more practical to design a new optimized website to assure higher rankings.

Having said that; we carefully analyze your website, using our own FREE website scan to identify poor configuration issues.

Our Kansas City SEO Services include:

  • A thorough analyzes of your website, which will include code analysis (WC3 Validation)
  • Content analysis
  • Back-link analysis
  • Website Authority Score
  • Online Visibility Analysis (maps)
  • Develop a plan/strategy to enhance online visibility

Our priorities in our SEO approach are:

  • Clean and light computer coding (heavily loaded code in themes damage rankings)
  • WC3 Validated code
  • Unique and informative content
  • Backlinks (links on other websites linking to your website)
  • Properly indexing with the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yandex
  • Maps listings us our eListings

The scariest fact of our business is that many web designers do not index your website with the major search engines.  BAD!  RECKLESS!  SCAM LIKE PRACTICES!  Having said that, typically, this happens due to lack of knowledge.

We have unique qualifications and skills.  We are SEO Certified!  Woorank Certified!  Yoast SEO Certified!  Most impressively, we are Google News Publisher as well as Bing News Publishers, Apple News Publishers and Associated Press News Publishers.

We own and operate STL.News, a news site publishing more than 200 news articles daily from across the globe with more than 400,000 post views daily.

News sites are highly optimized and a perfect example of our SEO skills.  We do not spend any funds on marketing our news site.  To qualify for Google News, there is a qualification process and not all sites are approved.  Google News sites are clean sites, light with coding and highly optimized to assure easy fast crawl rates for fast indexing in Google News.

You can even read our news articles published on STL.News on this site using our RSS Feed.

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