January 16, 2019

IDX Web Design for Real Estate Brokers, Agents & Teams

IDX Web Design for Real Estate Brokers, Agents & Teams


IDB Web Design – we are partners with IDX. We offer website hosting and IDX web design for real estate brokers and real estate agents and real estate teams across the country with leading, state-of-the-art-technology specific to the real estate profession.

Real estate brokers and real estate agents have digital demands not required in other industries/professions. Leads are important, listings are critical as more and more buyers are seeking the properties and agents online.

Brokers/agents that are not online, need to get online. Those that are online, need to get found easily by qualified prospective buyers.

Critical online factors for the real estate profession:

  • Optimized hosting for fast load times for maximum online visibility
  • Optimized web design for best search engine search results
  • Optimized real estate listings that generate leads offered only with our IDX web design
  • Maps Listings – buyers need to easily find realtors in Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp and more
  • Content Marketing – realtors should blog or publish press releases on a regular basis to project a knowledgeable and successful image
  • IDX/MLS home search plans featuring IDX web design

St. Louis Media, LLC is a partner, hosting company and developer for MO.Properties. MO.Properties is an MLS publisher for the St. Louis and Kansas City and surrounding communities. It publishes MLS listing for more than a dozen MLS providers and can offer you the best MLS web design.

IDX/MLS Web Design Packages for Realtors, Agents and Teams – IDX Web Design

Additional services designed to help the real estate professional is press release distribution.

In addition to being a partner in MO.Properties, we own STL.News. STL.News is a news sites that is an AP news publisher with our content shown in Google News, Bing News, Apple News and shared to multiple social media websites.

IDX is the leading home search and lead management provider in the industry. Accompanied with our other digital products and services designed to help the real estate profession enhance their online visibility, we offer the best solutions for the demanding real estate industry featuring IDX web design.

IDX Web Design

If you are serious about your online presence, St. Louis Media, LLC offers the best IDX web design services.


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