September 8, 2018



Be Found Easily Online with Google Optimization

What is Google Optimization?  Simple, it is optimizing our online presence with the various Google networks.  Google is the largest search engine in the world providing an estimated 65% of all searches performed globally.  We love Google and are Google Certified in all topics.  Therefore, we can make your visible in Google search, maps, video, shopping and more.

An online presence is critical to any business for survival.  However, the term “presence” is a big word as it includes more than building a website and launching it.  You need to be shown in searches, maps, online directories and more.  This does not happen on its own!  An online expert has to help and it takes time and experience, not to mention money.  We will optimize your Google presence, but we don’t stop there.  We will index and enhance your online presence in all major search engines including Google, bing, Yahoo and even Yandex.  Google just happens to be the most important, but we won’t make the mistake to overlook the others.  Doing so will damage your online presence.

A highly profile online presence is not cheap and it does take time. However, it is well worth it as the Internet continues to grow.  Consumers search online for everything and before they do business with you they have to be able to find you online, read about you online, find your location in maps online and read reviews about you online.  If they can’t do any of those functions, you might as well close your doors because consumers can’t find you if you are not online.  If they can’t find you they will find your competition.  If you are not working with a Google expert, you need to be.

Online presence will not be sufficient if you are not working with a Google Certified consultant that is managing your online presence and visibility.  Google products include, search, maps, YouTube, shopping, mobile, AdWords and more.  We are Certified with Google in all six topics and can help you become Google Optimized bringing more customers to your business.

We also offer Bing Optimization.


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