April 27, 2019


eListings is the best solution for optimizing your local online presence in Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp and 90 more maps, GPS systems, Siri and Amazon Alexa

We have written it a few times around inside our website that “nothing is more important to a business than it’s online presence”.

We believe that with all of our hearts! More importantly, it is not a belief, but our knowledge that we know this to be a fact!

  • Drive Revenue Online & Offline
  • Make Data Updates/Corrections Online Easy & Fast
  • Create & Keep Loyal Customers

If you are not found online when a prospective customer or existing customer is looking for you; you loose the opportunity to connect the that person.

The digital world refers to clicks, but what lies behind a click? A person! A person that is seeking your or your products and/or services.

Our proprietary local search optimization tool, eListings, is the best solution to be there when consumers are looking for information.

Click to check your business online presence

eListings integrates with hundreds of leading brands to keep your business information and data up to date — everywhere it counts.

When it comes to online marketing, your website is the hub of a larger marketing effort that needs to be utilized in order to compete with your competition.

There are many platforms that consumers will seek information like maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines like Google and Bing, GPS systems, social media and more.

Are you in contol of all the various platforms to compete against your competitors?

eListings will market your brand everywhere they appear online, which will enhance brand awareness while driving foot traffic to your business increasing your sales.

eListings put every type of consumer engagement to work for your brand, regardless where it happens and drive more business to your website and location, whether it is online or offline.