September 28, 2018

Content Delivery Network – CDN

Content Delivery Network a.k.a. CDN is recommended and offered by St. Louis Media, LLC

Content Delivery Network or CDN – we always recommend the use of a CDN for enhanced load times and maximize website security.  Almost all large websites are utilizing a CDN.

What is a Content Delivery Network a.k.a. CDN?

The CDN we recommend has more than 150 data centers around the globe.

Therefore, a visitor to your website on the west coast will receive your web pages from the data center closest to the visitors locations for enhanced web speed.

Traditionally, a hosting is located in a single location and regardless where the visitors come from, the web pages are delivered from that same location.

It is the newest hosting technology that will actually help increase your Google rankings.

This is an effective SEO strategy that we frequently utilize in our own SEO strategies.


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