September 27, 2018

Chicago SEO Services

Chicago SEO Services are offered by SEO Certified, St. Louis Media, LLC

Chicago SEO Services – While we are a St. Louis based technology firm, we love doing business with our sister states and cities because it still makes personal relationships possible.

The city of Chicago is big, therefore, business competition is fierce.  It is imperative for Chicago based business to have a significant online presence in order to compete and to make it easy for customer to find them easily online on any type of device.

Our SEO services are comprehensive and proprietary in nature.  Our strategies will work for any location around the globe.

Our SEO services include a combinations of methods, depending on each site, including:

  • Website revision to assure that it is properly configured/structured
  • Properly index the website with the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex
  • Maps Listing
  • Inbound link building
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Blog Posting
  • and more

Our SEO services are backed by our comprehensive list of digital products and services.  Our portfolio of services have been designed to offer our customers best practices and best results.

We are SEO Certified and have a serious passion for SEO and high ranking websites.  The proof of our SEO skills are clearly illustrated by our very own news site, STL.News.  We own and operate the site on a daily basis, 24/7/365.  We publish AP licensed content and comb the entire web for press releases published by every federal agency, state government department and much more to publish on our highly optimized news site.  We do not finance marketing funds for our 10 million post views each month.  Our traffic comes entirely from organic search results.

Our content is shown on Google News, Bing News, News360 and share to multiple social sites.  Our SEO is among the best evidenced by it being included in Google News.  News sites are qualified based on Googles’ guidelines, which require a site to be highly optimized in order that Google can quickly and easily index the news posts.

We are happy to meet with qualifying prospective customers onsite in Chicago, Illinois.



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