Aranda Law Firm Launches New Website

St Louis, MO (STLMedia.Agency) – The Aranda Law Firm hired St. Louis Media, LLC to host and design a new website. The new website was designed and officially launched September 2019.

Arandas’ previous website was a website builder that was using a free domain name, which typically creates search engine indexing problems.

The new website is designed using WordPress CMS with the Twenty Seventeen theme. Additionally, it has been optimized using Yoast SEO, Better Robots TXT and integrated using Cloudflare’s CDN for maximum speed and protection. It is secured using our proprietary SSL Certificate and the All In One Security plugin. Security, speed performance and search engine rankings are always our top priorities.

Aranda’s new website can be found at

Aranda Law Firm is located in St. Louis on Brentwood Blvd and specializes in family law. You can call the Aranda Law Firm at (314) 665-3678

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